What To Know About Your Moose Hunt

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September 6, 2017
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What To Know About Your Moose Hunt


Here at North River Outfitting the moose combo hunters are beginning to arrive at our fly-in lodge located in Northern British Columbia. As they’re arriving we’re feeling their excitement as well as their nerves.  And wouldn’t you be nervous as well? On a dream hunt for Canadian Moose in Northern B.C.? Just thinking about the chase gives us a rush!

Whether or not you’re hunting with us this fall, we want you to be successful. Below you’ll find helpful tips to assist you on your moose hunt.

Simple Tips

  • Concentrate on one area.
  • Use the wind to your advantage: The use of a wind indicator assists in detecting the direction of the air flow.
  • During the rut or breeding season hunt near lakes, ponds and marshes.
  • Hunt for moose near food and water sources; Lakes, ponds and marshes are a great place to start your hunt.
  • Hunt the fringe areas; Away from other hunters, roads and traffic. As a client hunting at our fly-in only lodge, you won’t have to worry about these obstacles, which is to your advantage.
  • Keep your camp away from potential hunting spots; Noise, smell and activity will keep the moose away.
  • Know the difference between fresh and old signs of moose.
  • If you see or hear a moose just before or after dark, leave the area quietly and return early the next morning. The moose, if not spooked, will likely continue to be in the area.

For our early season hunters, our guides and the hunters fly into higher elevations and hunt in the high country of northern B.C. The reason for going into the higher country is simple – the weather is cooler and the vegetation continues to be thick and luscious, supporting the moose population.

Finally, a few things to keep in mind while packing for, and during, the hunt:

  • Drink clean water and be sure to stay hydrated. Ensure the water you drink is free of giardiasis, also known as ‘Beaver Fever’ by using a water filtration system or a UV disinfection sterilizer.
  • Keep bear safety in mind by bring what you need to keep bears away.

At North River Outfitting we are fully equipped to keep you safe in the field.


For more information on hunting with North River Outfitting please browse our website, www.NorthRiverOutfitting.com or give us at call at 780-675-1942.

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