Mountain Goat Hunts

Mountain Goat Hunting

The ultimate mountain goat hunting adventure in the most remote part of British Columbia.

We hunt an area that's so large and so expansive that we may go years between hunting goats in a particular location. In fact, there are mountains full of goats that we've never even hunted. This type of management is unfathomable most other places. At North River Outfitting, we offer an experience unlike anywhere else. The trophy quality, the game density, the scenery, and the attention to detail all combine to make it an unforgettable experience!

The mountain goat hunting experience at North River Outfitting is unlike anywhere else. These are high-adventure hunts in spectacular mountain country. After arriving by charter at our remote main lodge, you'll turn around and fly out to an even more remote location. Our ability to make multiple trips with light loads means that we can land in locations where nobody else can.

Get in shape, because a mountain goat hunt will be that challenging mountain adventure you've dreamed of. Mountain goats are capable of traversing sheer cliffs with ledges only inches wide. They can leap up, down and across spaces spanning twelve feet. The mountain goat is truly a spectacular and powerful animal. It is one of North America's most unique and most beautiful trophy animals.

Mountain goats are distributed throughout British Columbia, but our area in the Cassair Mountains is home to a dense population. Even so, we carefully manage our goats and take a very limited number of hunters each season. Like the other species in our area, our mountain goat hunters have a real chance at taking a B&C class mountain goat.

Perhaps the best thing about hunting here is the incredible opportunity for combo hunts. While hunting mountain goat, our hunters are likely to see moose, mountain caribou and grizzly. It's not unreasonable to take two species in a 10-day hunt. And for the hunter willing to work hard, three species is doable. This is truly one of the best places on earth for a trophy combo hunt of this caliber.

Our Mountain Goat hunts are 10 days and the option of adding other species is possible. Please visit our dates and prices page for hunt details. You may also contact us for more information or call us anytime at 780-675-1942.

Ready to go on a hunt of a lifetime?