Moose Hunts

British Columbia Moose Hunts

Experience a moose hunt of unmatched quality in the most remote part of British Columbia.

We hunt an expansive wilderness that's home to a dense population of moose and trophy quality that can't be rivaled. Hunters can expect bulls in the mid 50-range, while some are certainly larger on these remote, British Columbia moose hunts.

In 2016, our moose hunters were 100% success and 60% of those went record book. We carefully manage the number of moose we take from each part of our area and with one of the highest concentrations of moose anywhere in B.C., we're able to offer our clients an incredible hunting experience. Every one of our hunters has a legitimate shot at taking a B&C class moose.

Because this area offers B&C class animals of five different species, we are proud to offer combo hunts unlike anywhere else. Moose can easily be hunted in combination with mountain caribou, stone sheep, mountain goat or grizzly. On a 10-day hunt, a hunter can expect to take two species. For hunters willing to put in extra work, three species on a 10 day hunt is possible.

Good moose hunting begins in early September and the rut begins in the middle of September. This area offers some very unique moose hunting opportunities. Our clients can choose from boat hunts along the river, lake hunts or even alpine moose hunts.

Our British Columbia moose hunts may take place from a tent, cabin or lodge. This will be dictated by the hunting conditions or our hunter's preference. These hunts are fair chase wilderness adventures, so of course we cannot guarantee our clients a moose. However, we experience a very high rate of success.

Our moose hunts are 10 days and the option of adding other species is possible. Please visit our dates and prices page for hunt details. You may also contact us for more information or call us anytime at 780-675-1942.

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