Dates and Prices

2017 Alberta Whitetail Deer

November 5-11 $5,950
November 12-18 $5,950
November 19-25 $5,950
November 26-30 $5,950

2017 Hunting License and Tag Fees

Deer License $550

Send all deposits to:

North River Outfitting
P.O. Box 238
Athabasca, Alberta, Canada T9S 2A3

Our Alberta whitetail hunts include six full days of hunting. Your meals, lodging and guides are also included.

Please note: The hunt price does not include your license fees, government royalty, taxes and charter. After your hunt, you may apply for a refund for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) from the government. You will also be responsible for round-trip airfare and two hotel nights on either end of your stay. Please also come prepared with your own weapon and ammo. Your Canadian Temporary Firearms Registration will cost $40 (CA). All hunters will also be required to pay the $200 GOABC fee.

Tipping: The cost of your hunt does not include gratuities. Tipping is not mandatory but it is customary to tip your guide about 10% of the cost of your hunt, if you feel they worked hard for you.

Refunds: All deposits and balances paid are completely non-refundable. We will not issue refunds for any reason, including but not limited to illness, injury, flight delays, loss of income, travel complications, business emergencies, or family emergencies. Therefore, we highly recommend that all hunters purchase travel insurance as a safeguard in the event that you cannot show up for your hunt.

Meat Processing and Taxidermy: is not included in the cost of your hunt. The paperwork required to ship your trophy is done by an independent taxidermist. Due to the remoteness of our area, it can be very expensive to transport the meat home. This is done at the Client's expense. Please inform us well in advance if you plan to take your meat home. We do not butcher meat and this will be your responsibility.

Wounding Policy: Wounded game is considered harvested game. We will make every effort to recover a wounded animal, but your hunt will be considered complete and any applicable trophy fees will be due.