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Mountain Goat
Mountain Goat Season is HERE!
August 17, 2017
What To Know About Your Moose Hunt
September 14, 2017
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Moose Season

Our 2017 season is officially in full swing. We are wrapping up our Stone Sheep season, with many more exciting hunts to come. Mountain Goat hunting is an especially fun season, with which we’ve had several hunters come and go.

As many of you know, our main combo hunts are moose and caribou. Not only are both of these animals very prevalent in Northern British Columbia, but they’re also fantastic animals to hunt. In the past few seasons we’ve had an incredible success rate on this specific hunt combination.

In addition, the mountain caribou are mature and elegant making them the perfect trophy. In regards to moose season, this region boasts the Yukon Strength Moose, which are known to be much more larger animals than other moose hunts. When hunting these animals there is no better place to prove one’s merit and skill as a hunter. Experiencing a moose hunt with North River Outfitting is an absolute dream, no question about it! From the main lodge and high mountain cabins, to spike camps and the chase, we will make earning one’s wings an experience never to be forgotten.

Check out our photo gallery to see images of moose hunts from prior seasons.

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Keep your eye out for 2017 season updates, photos and more coming soon. To stay up to date with our current hunts, photos, videos and more by following us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also contact us at or 780-675-1942.

We’ll be in touch soon! Cheers!

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