Testimonials and References

Here are a few testimonials and references from recent clients of North River Outfitting. If you would like to contact any of our references, please call us at 780-675-1942.

Bill Winke

I’ve hunted with Ron at North River Outfitting twice and have learned many things about the deer in his area. This short article is intended to pass some of this information along to those looking to hunt with him this fall. Focus on mature bucks: One of the first things you will notice when hunting whitetails with North River is the size of the bodies on these deer. This makes it hard to estimate antler size accurately and generally a person will tend to underestimate the score. Some hunters go to this area with a certain B & C score in mind and they request that their guide keep them from shooting anything less. Well, even the best guides tend to underestimate the scores on these deer more often than they over estimate them…

Dick Gilbert, Vail, CO

I have hunted with Ron and Maria three times now and I enjoy the hell out of it. I’m going back again this year (2014) for my fourth time. I love the people I’ve met there. Ron and Maria are exceptional individuals… The free range whitetail hunts are the main reason I chose North River – that and the number of acres they have to hunt. They have a ton of deer up there. We saw deer every day of the hunt and there’s a lot of activity. It’s just a matter of finding that trophy buck that you want… I think one of the most telling things is that in the three years I’ve been there, a lot of the same people are always there. That says something. If people come back to hunt the same place, that’s the highest recommendation you can get.

Steve Ecklund

Hi guys, just on my way to Calgary for meetings and had a flash back to when my ram came over the edge of that mountain….a sight that will be pleasantly burned in my memory for life!