Stone Sheep Hunts

Stone Sheep Hunting

Experience A Stone Sheep Hunting Adventure in Remote Northern British Columbia.

At North River Stone, we are blessed to hunt a massive area with unrivaled stone sheep populations and trophy quality. The area we hunt is so large that we may go years between harvesting rams out of a specific area. In fact, there are parts of this area we've never hunted. We take far fewer rams each season than our legal quota allows, offering our clients trophy quality that is unmatched anywhere. These are high-adventure mountain sheep hunts for one of the world's finest trophies!

A stone sheep hunt with North River Outfitting is a true mountain hunting adventure. From our remote main lodge, you'll be flown to an even more remote hunt location for the duration of your hunt. The remoteness of our lodge and the ability to charter multiple trips with light loads allows us to land in places that nobody else can. From there, you'll pursue sheep on a backpack hunting adventure that you'll never forget.

Of the four North American sheep, stone sheep present the toughest challenge to hunt. Stone sheep are extremely well camouflaged with their environment and can become almost invisible to the eye. Stone sheep rams also stay in small bachelor groups. Their ability to navigate steep cliffs and ledges creates an epic challenge for any hunter.

Here at North River Outfitting, our stone sheep hunts are 14 days. September hunters have the option to add other species to their hunt. A stone sheep ram will remain priority when adding other species.

We take extreme pride in the way we carefully manage sheep hunting. Our goal is to leave this area better than we found it, and that priority is evident in the trophy quality. We take a very limited number of hunters each year. If you are interested in a stone sheep hunt, we recommend booking well in advance.

If you'd like to see photos from our recent stone sheep hunts, or if you'd like current pricing, please contact us for more information or call us anytime at 780-675-1942.

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