Alberta Whitetail Hunts

Alberta Whitetail Deer Hunting

Experience whitetail deer hunting like never before in remote northern Alberta, Canada.

North River Outfitting offers trophy whitetail hunts in Alberta, Canada. These are wild, fair chase hunts with no fences and no baiting. Just authentic hunts for big, Canadian deer.

Our whitetail hunts take place in the wild Canadian bush, north of Edmonton, Alberta. This area is a sportsman's paradise. With great populations of whitetail deer and excellent age structures, this is one of the best places on earth to hunt trophy whitetails. In addition to deer, the area is teeming with other wildlife. Our clients often see bears, moose, elk and wolves on their deer hunt. From the food and lodging, to the hunting, to the wildlife and scenery, this whitetail hunting adventure is a completely unforgettable experience.

Because our deer are free-ranging whitetails, we cannot guarantee each hunter a deer. But on average, our clients can expect to see deer in the 150 to 160 range. Each year, between 10 and 20 percent of our deer score over 170. In our best years, we've seen 30 percent of our deer go over the 170 mark. Our area consistently produces mature deer with good mass.

On these whitetail hunts, you may have an opportunity at a wolf. Many of our hunters see wolves and on average, about 20 percent of our hunters have the opportunity to harvest one.

After 36 years in the outfitting business, we know what it takes to make your hunt truly special. Why hunt with North River? Because we have been in business so long, that we've made and learned from more mistakes than all of our competition combined. We believe that experience is irreplaceable. Our team's knowledge and attention to detail will make your hunt one that you'll always remember.

You can read more about the camp and hunting area. And please see our Dates and Prices page for specific information. If you have questions about our whitetail hunts, call us anytime at 780-675-1942 or contact us online.

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